There once were two berries who were cousins, Blue and Black.


Blue as short and squat and had beautiful shiny, dark skin when he was wet . . .


but was true to his name and had a blue-ish complexion when he was dry.  It especially came out when he was hanging out with his friends. . .


Then there was his bigger, football shaped cousin, Black.  Although Black was much beefier than Blue, Black was jealous of Blue’s perfect, unblemished complexion.    You see Black had quite a skin imperfection that made him look lumpy and bumpy.


And occasionally Black’s skin was more red then black. IMG_0608

Blue was the queen’s favorite berry, but Black was the king’s favorite.


So Blue and his friends were used to adorn one of the queen’s favorite desserts . . . Italian Cream Cake.  He was like the ornaments on a Christmas tree or the pearls with a gorgeous dress. . . not necessary to make the dessert, but necessary to make the dessert over the top fabulous!


The queen shared her dessert with everyone in the land and they all fell in love with Blue.  Italian Cream Cake with Blueberries

Black and his friends were used to make the king’s favorite dessert’s . . . cobbler.  Black was the star of the cobbler.  His dessert was so luscious and rich the king hoarded it and kept it all for himself.  Mama’s Blackberry (or Rhubarb) Cobbler



The End.