So, this is how some of us around here feel about Mondays –


This is Oliver, our cat neighbor.  He’s actually mid yawn, but I think he looks like he’s pretending to be a lion!  I’m not sure if he’s happy or mad, but this is my new favorite picture of Little O.

And then there’s this little visitor –


I took this picture from our kitchen window with no zoom – that’s how close he was to the house.  As long as he stays in the backyard and doesn’t get near my hosta in the front, we’ll get along.

Some of my favorite people have a birthday this week – Jerry, Kathleen and my very own big sis!  Happy birthday!  Wish we could be together for a big celebration – but given the 3 of you have never met one another, that might be kind of weird.  🙂

Other than that, things are pretty boring around here.  Not much new to pass along – just trying to stay cool and sneeze free.  I told the Bald Eagle we need to get out more so we don’t sound so dull in our blog.

Hope you have a great week!

Baby Blue Bird (aka Dayna)