Happy Week Before Christmas!

We’ve been busy traveling around this last month.  So far we’ve been to Cincinnati, Chicago and Dallas.  It’s been nice to finally get out of NWA, but I am looking forward to staying home for a whole day.  I need an official PJ day – a day I don’t have to get out of my PJs and can just lie on the couch.  Khaki is evidently taking her PJ day today because this is how The Bald Eagle found her mid morning while the rest of the world was working . . .


Work for me is almost wrapped up for the year, so I wanted to take a few minutes before all the Holiday Whobee Whatee starts and wish you all a Merry Christmas and pass on two Holiday thoughts  –

First –

photo 1 

So, like the song says, “Don’t stop believe’n!”

Secondly, this is my letter to Santa this year . . .


photo 2

Yep, that definately sums it up!

Hope you’re able to spend next week with all your favorite people doing all your favorite things!

Merry Christmas,

Baby Blue Bird (AKA Dayna)