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TGIF y’all!  

(Yes, I speak Arkansan now). 

I’m up against a big deadline in a couple of weeks at work, so I’ve been spending every waking hour in front of my computer earning my paycheck.  On the few breaks I’ve allowed myself (I’m a tough boss), the last thing I’ve wanted to do is stay on the computer to update my blog.  Sorry!  Last weekend I took Saturday off and had what I called a Super Saturday Sweet Roll Session in the kitchen.  I’m going to devote a whole post to it in the very near futures and this is why. . .


Yes, there are 4 different kinds of sweet (and savory) rolls on that table that I made all by myself last Saturday afternoon.  Now you know why that adventure deserves a whole page to itself, and I promise to post all the recipes as soon as I can.  When I took all these into work on Monday morning I completely confirmed my reputation for not having much of a life and for having a very weird way of unwinding.   A few people thought I might want to see a doctor, but I didn’t hear any complaints about the treats.

Anyway, I did want to take a short break to share a few pictures from my day of working at home.  Although The Bald Eagle tries his best, there’s actually fewer distractions up here in my little office then at work in my even smaller cubicle.  And I broke down and bought myself a TV to put up here, so I have even less excuses not to work. 



This is a view I see most mornings.  I’m standing in our kitchen and Oliver, our neighbor kitty, is outside on our patio on his favorite perch – our grill.  He’s surveying the land looking for any moving objects he can pounce on for breakfast.  Later he’ll curl up on our welcome mat, his favorite bed, and sleep the day away.  Oh to be a cat!  (No, that’s not a glowing flying saucer he’s looking at.  That’s the flash from my camera reflecting off the window.)



I passed through our bedroom later in the day and saw this out the patio door.  Hello there!  Bow hunting season started last weekend around here but you’re safe in our backyard.  Just say off the back porch, that’s Oliver’s territory.

Because I’ve been working so hard, the Bald Eagle treated me to a gourmet dinner tonight at Fayetteville’s finest . . . Le McDonald’s.  He knew that would seriously be a treat because I’ve been trying to shrink my little belly, and if I had to eat another salad tonight I was just going to cry.  Salad should be a four letter word!

Anyway, I was still trying my best to be conservative so I ordered a Happy Meal.  Smaller portions and a toy – who wouldn’t love that!?!?  Well, I had read some recent headlines about McDonald’s trying to be more healthy, but I wasn’t expecting this. . .


The fry box on the left is the Bald Eagle’s (or B.E. for short).  It’s a size medium.  That little thing on the right that looks like the baby of the box on the left . . . that’s the new fry size for the Happy Meals.  It fits exactly 9 fries. 



This is how big it is in B.E.’s hand.  B.E. said he was going to make a Christmas ornament out of it.  Then again we don’t have a miniature Christmas tree so it may be a little small for that.  

B.E. does have long arms and big hands, (at least compared to mine), but he’s not Paul Bunyan.  I did not meet Paul Bunyan, but based on what I remember from elementary school, I’m pretty sure Paul Bunyan did not have a branch on my husband’s family tree.  IMG_0913

Just to drive home how terribly small this fry box was, (because clearly I felt deprived), this is my empty fry box next to one of B.E.’s McNuggets.  Full disclosure, McDonald’s now put’s a small sack of apple slices in every Happy Meal now along with your 9 fries so you’re not left completely hungry.  Just 75% hungry. 

Fortunately for you, in the midst of my taking pictures of my doll size fry box I heard some noise from the backyard.  Every creature in Arkansas loves our backyard, and most don’t seem to mind the entry fee – letting me get up close and personal for a blog photo.

So, this was what I saw. . .



These are guineafowl, or guinea for short.  I may have mentioned before that our neighbor has a few, but now they’re up to ten or eleven of these little guys and around dinner time they come out to play.  We welcome them into our yard because they eat ticks and most other bugs and supposedly will even kill snakes.  So, we put out the welcome mat for the guinea. . . and then Oliver lays down and takes a nap on it, but it’s the thought that counts, right?!?!


Evidently they were playing a game of King of the Hill because they all climbed on one of our big rocks out back.IMG_0920


And then one by one flew off as if it was the top of a building and not six inches off the ground.  Until there was just one left. . .IMG_0922

It was very clear to me that this one was still working on his flying skills as he paced back and forth across the top of the rock crying out for his little brothers and sisters not to leave him stranded.  Then I guess he realized he was less than a foot off the ground and just jumped. 

Ok, back to work!  No rest for the weary!

Hope you all have a very fun weekend!


Baby Bluebird (aka Dayna)