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Once again I have to apologize for taking so long to write.  I’m finally finished with a very long and big work project I’ve been working on night, day and weekend for the past month.  It kept me almost completely out of one of my favorite places – the kitchen.  So much so, Oliver took up residence on the kitchen table.


So, a few weekends ago, Khaki sat me down and looked at me like this. . .


Which I interpreted to mean, “You can’t let this happen!  You have to get back in that kitchen and bake – for all our sakes.”  And then Oliver looked at me like this . . .


Which I took to mean, “If you’re going to kick me out, you better make it for a good reason.”

So, I decided it was time to pull off something I’d been planning for quite a few months . . . Super Sweet Roll Saturday.

You see, if you didn’t already know, I’m a bit of an odd duck and I love to daydream about baking.  What if I put this frosting recipe on that cake?  What if I made that bread to go with this soup?  I can’t make anything without a recipe, but I’m becoming more comfortable with improvising on some ingredients once I’ve found a base recipe.

So, once I found The Pioneer Woman’s Sweet Roll Dough (recipe HERE), I’ve been day dreaming about all the different kinds of fillings and frostings that would go into that dough.  Back in May when my mom and aunt visited I made PW’s Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Icing.  These were the cinnamon rolls I never imagined I could make.  Cinnamon rolls are my absolute favorite guilty pleasure.  I could eat them every day and twice on Sunday.  And if that happened, I’d have to be rolled out of this house to an early grave.

It seemed like a perfect reward for weeks of hard work to spend a Saturday afternoon making as many sweet roll concoctions as I could manage.  Of course when I brought them all to work Monday morning everyone thought I needed a straight jacket, but once they started eating them, everyone seemed grateful I’d gone off my rocker a bit.

There were Pumpkin Sweet Rolls.


And Nutella and Toasted Hazelnut Sweet Rolls


There were Orange Marmalade Rolls


And lastly there were Savory Sausage Rolls


And they did a great job of filling the spot Oliver had once occupied. . .


Unfortunately, this is what my kitchen looked like after Tornado Sweet Roll was done, but believe me when I say, it was worth the clean up.


Hope you all are enjoying the fall.  The leaves here are on the verge of popping into all different shades of yellow, orange and red.  The Bald Eagle and I have been scouting out some great drives through the Ozarks.  Hopefully they don’t all fall before we can get out there and take it all in.

Have a great week!

Baby Bluebird (aka Dayna)